biker community sunday tree plantation

Sunday Tree Plantation Ride Pune 2019 With Bikers Community

Let's Get This Viral !

Hello , everyone how are you ?????? . .

The Sunday tree Plantation Ride vlog is finally out. So if you guys have missed the ride or was not able to join the ride ,you can witnessed the event from the vlog. . .

The event was initiatived by the following bikers Community T.R.T – The Road Trippers Pune B.O.C – Benelli Owners Club Pune H.O.B – Heart Of Biker Pune C.O.Ps- Club Of Pulsarians Pune Roaring Nomads Pune . . So instead of speaking out all the stuff it’s better to watch it visually instead of verbally Thank you team Do share like subscribe and comment below your thoughts. See you soon with next vlog i.e paddock stand replacement.

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